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Course overview

This course helps you into the first year of an undergraduate degree at Teesside University that includes level 3 chemistry as an entry requirement. You study atoms and molecules, bonding and chemical reactions, quantitative chemistry and basic organic chemistry. You learn through a combination of lectures and practical laboratory sessions.

Summer University will run throughout June and July 2020. You can register your details here if you would like to receive a course brochure when applications open in May 2020. If you have any questions then you can reach us at

Where you study

Middlesbrough campus

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* Subject to University approval


Course details

What you study

Key chemical Concepts
- Atomic structure and the Periodic Table, electron configurations related to periodic properties.
- Chemical Bonding
- Acids, Bases and calculation of pH values using [H+] concentrations
- Le Chatelier’s principle.

- Definition of the property of Enthalpy and related calculations using Formation Enthalpies and Hess‘s Law

Organic Chemistry
- Organic compounds: structure, nomenclature and structural isomerism
- Polymerisation reactions: addition & condensation reactions

Inorganic Chemistry
- Redox reactions and oxidation states
- Chemistry of the main block

How you are assessed

Formative Assessment:
Formative assessment is provided by five tutor marked assessments for the student to complete and submit for marking. The formative assessments provide students with an opportunity to receive feedback and prepare for the summative assessment.

Summative Assessment: Written Examination (100%). The examination will consist of a series of short answer question that will cover the theoretical aspects of the module


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Prerequisite: GCSE mathematics or equivalent



2020 entry

  • Length: Credits: 10, Level: 3, Fees: £50.00
  • Enrolment date: To be announced May 2020