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Life & Physical Sciences

Introduction to Food & Nutrition*


Course overview

Food is complicated. We are bombarded with information about the fat and sugar content of food, its vitamins and minerals and the claimed benefits of new products. What does it all mean? This course reflects the range of skills and knowledge required byprofessionals in the very diverse food and nutrition sector.We introduce you to a variety of career opportunities including teaching, nutrition, food science, food safety and environmental health, and new product development, together with opportunities for further study in areas such as clinical nutrition and dietetics.

Summer University will run throughout June and July 2020. You can register your details here if you would like to receive a course brochure when applications open in May 2020. If you have any questions then you can reach us at

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* Subject to University approval


Course details

What you study

Indicative content
Diet & Nutrition:
Essential components of a healthy diet
Sources of dietary components
Energy needs
Consequences of an inadequate diet
Evaluating diet

Food Science & Components:
Food Composition
Minor components (minerals, vitamins etc.)
Sensory Evaluation

Food Safety:
Food Microbiology/ Food poisoning
Infectious disease control
Chemical contamination of food
Food spoilage
Pest control
Food Safety Management

Public Health & Health Promotion:
Strategies and methodologies to protect and improve health.
Key methods used in the gathering of and analysing public health data.
Analyse topical influencing factors upon the health of individuals and communities.


Entry requirements



2020 entry

  • Length: Credits: 10, Level: 4, Fees: £50.00
  • Enrolment date: To be announced May 2020

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