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Short courses

Course overview

8 March 2021
Teesside University

This masterclass is aimed at healthcare workers engaging with dementia patients. It is highly relevant to any clinical environment from community working to nursing homes and hospital wards.


Course details

What you study

You study:

  • the nature of dementia - its symptoms and causes
  • the impact and experience of dementia on the individual
  • the impact and experience of caring for someone with dementia
  • practical strategies for managing the needs of people with dementia.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

HEE Funded
To access a HEE funded place you must be a non-medical employee and your organisation and CWD lead must approve your application for workforce needs before the start of the masterclass.

To access this on a self-funding basis you must pay the fee before the start of the masterclass using the online shop



2020/21 entry

Fee for UK/EU applicants:

Apply online