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Short courses
Nursing, Midwifery & Health Professions

Management of Tissue Viability and Wounds
HEE funded masterclass


Course overview

2021: date to be confirmed.

You update your knowledge and enhance your skills in providing evidence-based tissue viability care and the prevention of damage to the integrity of the skin.You refresh your understanding around the wound healing process with an emphasis upon the importance of a holistic assessment and exploration of some of the key factors that impact upon wound healing.

You engage in shared-learning through class discussion and group activities, reflecting on case examples drawing upon your own and each other’s clinical knowledge and expertise to critically explore possible treatment options.


Course details

What you study

You study:

  • the importance of and developments in evidence-based wound care
  • wound healing process
  • holistic assessment
  • factors impacting upon wound healing, including smoking, nutrition and hydration
  • treatment options for different types of wounds, including debridement techniques, dressing choice and skin care.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

HEE Funded
To access a HEE funded place you must be a non-medical employee and your organisation and CWD lead must approve your application for workforce needs before the start of the masterclass.

To access this on a self-funding basis you must pay the fee before the start of the masterclass using the online shop



2020/21 entry

Fee for UK/EU applicants:

  • Length: 1 day
  • 11 December 2019

Apply online