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Nursing, Midwifery & Health Professions

Advanced Physical Assessment and Disease Management Skills
University Certificate in Postgraduate Continuing Education


Course overview

This module aims to equip practitioners with the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate the clinical assessment of patients in acute and community setting within the scope of advanced practice specified by their employer. In having both a theoretical and clinical component, the module aims to extend practice and equip the practitioner with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be operational in the physical assessment, diagnosis and patient management elements of advanced practice.

The focus of the module is placed on developing advanced competence in clinical assessment, diagnostic reasoning, and patient centret evidence-based therapeutics. A variety of teaching and learning activities will be used throughout the module with emphasis on the application of clinical knowledge to practice. Interactive physical assessment skills and diaognostic reasoning workshops will develop knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology as applied to the diagnostic process.

Students will be supported through the use of the VLE (e-learning @tees). Formative assessment is through skills assessments to facilitate early feedback in relation to clinical skills. Summative assessment of he students learning is through a Modified Objective Structured Long Examination Review (MOSLER)


Course details

What you study

  • Principles and techniques of history-taking and examination
  • Principles of focussed history taking and examination in acute and chronic disease with common health care presentations
  • Principles of complex assessment
  • Principles of case review in acute and chronic disease
  • Communication skills for physical assessment
  • The process of diagnostic reasoning
  • Systems approach to history-taking and physical examination
  • Systems approach to anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Investigations and the diagnostic process

How you learn

A variety of teaching and learning activities will be used throughout the module with the focus being on application of knowledge to practice. Lectures both formal and interactive alongside diagnostic and physical assessment skills workshops and work based learning will develop knowledge of anatomy, pathology and physiology as applied to the diagnostic process. Students will be supported through the use of the VLE (e-learning @tees).

How you are assessed

Summatively : A clinical skills examination reflecting the diversity of clinical presentations in practice. Formatively: Formative skills assessment, physical assessment skills workbooks for completion in practice.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

  • Working in a case management role requiring diagnostic capacity within scope for the employer.
  • Qualified for a minimum of two years
  • Employed in an area of practice with authorised supervisory support for the duration of the module.
  • Have already undertaken physical assessment / clinical skills training and be skilled in the assessment of all body systems. E.g. have undertaken the Physical Assessment Skills Module or similar training.



Career opportunities

There are now many requirements for practitioners with physical assessment skills capacity in all areas of health care.



2020/21 entry

Fee for UK/EU applicants:

Limited funded places available

  • Length: 20 weeks
  • 20 Credits / Level: 7
  • Enrolment date: October and January

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