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Computing & Cybersecurity

Digital Skills for Growth (Let's Get Coding, Python Style) Teachers*
University Certificate in Professional Development


Course overview

Digital technology is used more and more each day and will in the future, become second nature to the future generation.

This course has been designed for Teachers in both primary and secondary schools throughout Durham (excluding Darlington).

It is more important than ever to ensure that your pupils have the essential skills to flourish in the future and this course helps you to introduce them to coding.This course shows you how to build up programming fundamentals by diving straight into a practical problem which you solve using Python Programming.At the end of the course we provide you with a six week lesson plan for you to deliver straight away to your pupil.You need access to a PC or laptop, internet, audio headset and Python software, which is downloadable from the University once you register.Due to COVID 19 we are going to deliver this course online using Webinar, however support will be available both online and via blackboard.Guidance notes for Applicants

* Subject to University approval


Course details

What you study

• Knowledge of fundamental programming concepts
• Familiarity with the basic tools required for software development such as a source code editor and a command line interface
• The practical skills required to implement simple applications using the Python programming language
• Experience of the software development process (designing solutions, testing application code, documenting the finished product)

How you learn

You are introduced to theoretical concepts through practical demonstrations to lectures. Laboratory sessions develop your understanding of these concepts through problem-based learning. A significant proportion of the learning is student centred. You are expected to engage in 4-5 hours of individual, self-led activity each week.

This course is delivered online by webinar and using blackboard which is ideal for forums or contacts to others on this programme.

How you are assessed

You are assessed by a single individual assessment that involves the development of a simple application or programme to automate common tasks. You are assessed for appropriate data input/validation, use of basic programming techniques, adherence to coding house style, your performance and workload management, overall completeness/effectiveness of the solution, and testing and evaluation.

Formative feedback is provided throughout the module.

You also produce a 50 word reflective report on the effectiveness of your work and the use of professional software development techniques.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Must work for a company of any size or sector in Durham, excluding Darlington, including Public Sector.



Career opportunities

Support career change



2021/22 entry

  • Length: Credits: 20, Level 4, Fully funded support* eligibility applies
  • Tuesday 3.30pm - 7.00pm.10 weeks.
  • Start date: Starts Tuesday 2 March. Applications close 26 February, 5.00pm

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