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Energy Efficiency (Energy Efficiency and Sustainability for Energy Managers and Energy Professionals (in SMEs)

SME mPower Efficiency is a new H2020 project that supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the implementation of energy efficiency measures, for a more sustainable and efficient operation.


Course overview

SMEmPower logoYou focus on increasing energy efficiency and reducing bills by developing the necessary skills to implement energy efficiency action plans.
The training goes beyond energy consumption surveys (basic energy audit), and aims to effectively implement energy management techniques, instruments, and solutions, to achieve energy savings, emissions reduction and welfare within this large and varied sector (99% of companies in the UK).

You plan and conduct an energy plan for your SME, with guidance from module tutors.

This online, eight-week course is delivered for three hours each week. Sessions are recorded and available on-demand.
The training programme is certified as a lifelong learning programme with five ECTS (of EQF level 6), equivalent to ten credits.

To apply you need to work in an SME anywhere in the UK or be a student or recent graduate in energy efficiency and related subjects. More than one participant from one company is welcomed.

The course is only open to current SME employees, students (advanced practice and postgraduate) and recent graduates in energy efficiency and related subjects. For more information on eligibility criteria email us before you apply.

ERDF logoThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 847132

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Course details

What you study

The module comprises six learning units:
• European and national policies and legislation for energy efficiency
• Energy efficiency systems, measures and solutions
• Basics of energy surveys and standards
• Tools for monitoring and managing energy
• Financing energy efficiency measures, tools and evaluation
• Practical on-site action

How you learn

You are taught online including lectures, seminars, IT labs, and practical sessions. Practical and seminar sessions will follow lectures to allow you to embed the theoretical content with hands-on interactive components. Professionals from industry contribute to the delivery of the module in the form of case study material or guest lectures.

You focus on types of energy management approaches and successful implementation on SMEs. You develop the critical understanding of the different project types, and needs in terms of information, process, coordination, and discipline interaction. In the interactive seminars, role-play and presentations, you apply your learning to realistic scenarios and case study material.

You practise in IT labs with relevant software used in energy efficiency and evaluation.

Practical sessions allow you to work co-ordinately under tutor supervision towards your in-course assessment.

You are supported by the virtual learning environment (VLE) which provides you with materials to inform and support your learning to suit a variety of learning styles.

How you are assessed

1. Formative
You lead discussions around key topics in the seminars. Verbal feedback develops your critical understanding. You receive on the spot feedback at the practical sessions.

2. Summative
Component 1 – Exam Course Assessment 50%
Theoretical knowledge of the first stage is evaluated combining either short-answer questions, multiple-choice questions or/and open-ended questions.

Component 2 –in-course assessment 50%
Practical learning is assessed with the delivery of the high-quality practical report and its presentation. The report is 1,000 words and the presentation no longer than ten minutes or five slides.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

This course is open to current SME employees and students (Advanced practice and postgraduate) in the field of energy efficiency and related subjects.



Career opportunities

You develop theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of commercial energy assessment and energy audits, to effectively identify and implement energy management techniques, instruments and solutions, to achieve energy savings and emissions reduction.

You focus on retraining opportunities to lead the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the SME environment, preparing you for energy-related roles such as: energy manager, energy auditor, and environmental manager.



2023/24 entry

Fee for applicants:

Fully funded support (subject to University approval)

  • Length: 8 weeks
  • Online
  • Start date: Thursday 24 March, every Thursday for eight weeks, 9.00am - 12.00pm

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