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Mathematics (Basic - Online)

You improve your understanding of basic mathematical concepts to prepare you for a university course. You study arithmetic, percentages, decimals and equations, and go on to algebra and graphs.


Credits: 10, Level: 3


Course overview

It is crucial to master these skills if you intend to further your education at degree level.

You learn through a combination of live elements and pre-recorded material. Tutor support is available throughout the specified weekly times, but you can complete the tasks flexibly outside of these times.

This course is delivered online. Please check the entry requirements tab before making your application to ensure you meet the entry criteria and have all the minimum equipment necessary to take part.

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Where you study

This course is delivered online.


Course details

What you study

You develop your skills in: basic arithmetic, methods of collecting, tabulating and displaying statistical data, the notation and techniques of basic algebra; the drawing and analysis of graphs of statistical and experimental data, and to boost your confidence to apply numeracy in future studies.

- a review of basic arithmetic
- calculations involving numerical fractions, decimals, percentages
- units and conversion of units between different systems.
- ratio and proportion
- application of arithmetic in everyday situations.

- methods of collection of statistical data
- tabulation of statistical data
- creation and interpretation of statistical charts and diagrams
- calculation and analysis of basic statistics from a set of data

- the concept of symbols representing numbers
- introduction to the manipulation of algebraic expressions
- solution of simple algebraic equations

- drawing and analysis of graphs from experimental data and algebraic functions

How you are assessed

You are assessed by a 1.5 hour online examination.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

You require an understanding of basic numeracy.

As this is an online course you need access to a computer and be comfortable learning through an online platform. A strong and stable internet connection is required, and a webcam and microphone to participate in any interactive elements of the course.



2024/25 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: Credits: 10, Level: 3
  • Online

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