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An Introduction to Working with People with Mental Health and Learning Disabilities*

This module is designed as an introduction to the area of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities and is suitable for anyone who has an interest in increasing their awareness of this area of healthcare.


Credits: 10, Level: 4, Fees: £50.00


Course overview

Students will increase their knowledge and understanding of both areas of mental health and learning disabilities, the different types of mental health and learning disability, how a diagnosis is made and the importance of a person centred approach to working with in this area.

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Where you study

Middlesbrough campus

* Subject to University approval


Course details

What you study

The module aims to introduce the student to the working with people with mental health and learning disabilities. Students will take part in seminars focusing on the following topics:

- Current healthcare policy
- What is a learning disability?
- Causes of a Learning Disability
- Different Types of Learning Disabilities
- What is meant by mental health?
- What causes mental health issues?
- Therapeutic communication
- Emotional and psychological wellbeing
- Impact on daily life
- Working with service users
- Service user experience
- Key organisations and the support they offer
- Families and carers
- Development of a poster

How you are assessed

You are assessed through individual poster presentations highlighting an aspect of mental health or learning disability in order to educate the general public.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements



2023/24 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: Credits: 10, Level: 4, Fees: £50.00
  • Start date: Starts Tuesday 4 July, Tuesdays and Thursdays for four weeks, 6.00pm-9.00pm

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Service user and carer involvement

Service users and carers support all aspects of our students' lifecycle from recruitment to graduation.

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