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Short courses
Nursing & Health

Practical Statistics
University Certificate in Postgraduate Continuing Education


Course overview

You gain a solid grounding in the statistical concepts needed to analyse basic health and medical data. The award content provides an overview of the basic concepts in statistics. You progress from understanding basic fundamentals up to multivariate analysis.

Where you study

Teesside University campus and/or distance-learning based on a virtual learning environment.


Course details

What you study

You study the following different types of data:

  • descriptive statistics (graphical and numerical)
  • normal distribution (testing)
  • confidence intervals
  • t-tests
  • analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • chi-squared test
  • Kappa
  • sensitivity and specificity, positive and negative predictive values
  • odds ratios, risk reduction and numbers needed to treat (NNT)
  • sample size

How you learn

For attendance students most of the sessions are computer laboratory-based to develop practical data analysis skills using SPSS. For distance (online) students who may also attend sessions if desired, teaching and learning and development of practical data analysis skills using SPSS is facilitated through online communication. You must have access to a specified version of SPSS.

The assessment criteria demonstrates your understanding of statistical concepts; your ability to manipulate and interpret data; your critical skills; and your ability to report information at a professional level.

The summative assessment is in two parts:

  • Part 1 is a an assignment requiring statistical analysis of a clinical dataset and an appropriate presentation and interpretation of findings.
  • Part 2, an end of award examination (completed online over a time limited period), assesses your statistical understanding and interpretation skills.


Entry requirements



2021/22 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: 20 weeks attendance or online, to complete by the end of Term 2
  • Start date: September
  • Level: Master's
  • Credits: 20

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