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Social Work

Practice Education Stage 1 University Certificate in Postgraduate Continuing Education

As a practice educator you will gain the knowledge, skills and values required to facilitate learners on work-based social work placements on this course. Where regulations permit, this may include a final placement at qualifying level provided a suitably qualified mentor is supervising the practice educator’s practice.


9 months


Course overview

This course will appeal to qualified social workers looking to support the practice learning of student social workers and ASYEs but could include other health, social care or education settings.

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Course details

What you study

The course is a single module of 20 credits. You will learn how to write in a critical and reflective manner, aligned to level 7 (master’s level) course learning outcomes. The course has a particular focus on integrating theory to practice learning in relation to supporting students on placement, therefore an element of the study will be directly related to models of reflection and evidence-based practice. In addition to this practical approaches to assisting students on social work placement will also be explored, for example: mentoring/coaching; preparing and providing formal and informal feedback, addressing different learning needs, this will be against the backdrop of theories of adult learning. From a professional practice perspective, there will be activities and learning focused upon ground rules/expectations of behaviour and professional standards and how to work within the professional knowledge as assessment frameworks. There will also be opportunities to discuss and learn about quality assurance in practice education.

How you learn

This is a blended learning course. On-campus seminars and lectures which are scheduled will usually be in class sizes large enough to facilitate professional sharing and networking. There is a significant element of work based practice associated with the learning hours for the course.

Teaching will be delivered by a of academic staff including social work lecturers and practitioners, care service users and guest speakers from practice.

How you are assessed

Formative assessment
While in practice you as the work-based mentor, through planned supervision, will provide formative feedback to practice educator students. In addition to this opportunities for formative assessment are also built into the classroom-based delivery methods employed, for example formative feedback will be given during workshops and tutorials.

The summative assessment for the course consists of two parts. Part 1 (50%) is the production of a portfolio of evidence, guidance will be provided during the course. The second part of the assessment is the production of a critically reflective written assignment on the role of the practice educator (50%).


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

    You must be currently registered as a social worker.
    You must meet the minimum time requirement for working as a qualified social worker as per PSRB requirements (at the time of writing this was a minimum of two years).
    You must be working at an appropriate level of capability as per PSRB requirements (at the time of writing this was senior social worker level)
    You have to have demonstrated interest and commitment to supporting the learning of others during the minimum two-year post-qualifying period, this evidence to be supplied in the form of a personal statement and a supportive reference from your employer.
    You must have access to a work-based mentor, suitably qualified to meet PSRB standards, to undertake the direct observation of practice and have access to a learner on placement.



Career opportunities

You will be qualified to work as a practice educator (at stage one) with students across qualifying social work degree programmes.



2023/24 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: 9 months
  • Start date: October
  • Level: Master's
  • Credits: 20

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