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Student views

Kelly Naisbitt

Kelly Naisbitt said her time at Teesside was an amazing experience which allowed her to grow.

BSc (Hons) Applied Science and Forensic Investigation*

'Teesside was life-changing'

Kelly Naisbitt

Best thing about the University?

Everyone cares about you as a person and about your well-being. I just love being here.

Best part about the course?

The course makes the subject of science come alive. It immediately makes sense and therefore holds my interest.

Also, the University has a great reputation for forensics and studying here it’s clear to see why.

Favourite night out in town?

I’ve got so many favourites I can’t pick one. The Students’ Union is great because you know everybody there.

But there are some fantastic nights out in Middlesbrough too. The Empire nightclub has indie/dance, R&B and crazy mad rock on a Saturday night and there are tons of pubs doing quizzes all week.

The great thing about Middlesbrough is it’s all within walking distance so you can go anywhere for a night out. Also, for quieter evenings or a meal, there is the market town of Yarm just ten minutes down the road.

Tees Valley’s best kept secret?

There is so much to do close by – excellent shopping, fabulous restaurants, scenic countryside and exciting sports – and all great value.

Teesside University in a few words?

Life-changing, spirited and students are proud to be here.

Any advice for an applicant thinking about next year?

Ask as many questions as you can and don’t be scared about starting university or making friends. If you are in halls, wedge your door open and invite others in for a cup of tea.

* The new title of this programme is BSc (Hons) Forensic Science