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Student views

Rachael Eland

Rachael’s degree led her to a challenging and rewarding job.

Rachael Eland

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

'Feedback and regular assessments kept my work focused and ensured I was on track for my deadlines.'

What brought you to study at Teesside?

I have always known I wanted to study art, and after leaving school I attended Cleveland College of Art and Design to study Graphic Design. I knew I wanted to further my studies. Teesside University is my local university. I did seriously consider other universities across the country, but after attending more than one open day here I chose Teesside. It was the very high standard of work from past students which impressed me the most

What was the course like?

The tutors were very dedicated and were always there when I needed guidance. Feedback and regular assessments kept my work focused and ensured I was on track for my deadlines. I was also actively encouraged to seek placement opportunities during my second year of study. I feel this was a positive way of introducing students to the industry and we were reminded often of the competition in the world of work.
I enjoyed the general lifestyle of moving away and having my independence. The main thing for me was being able to be flexible about when and where I did the work. Other resources including the library and art shops were very useful. I wasn't involved in any clubs but I enjoyed the nightlife and the social aspect of university life, including the gym which I frequently used.

What are you doing now?

I’m a junior graphic designer at Q Design. My current role involves working on a variety of projects including commercial work for business (both local and otherwise) and projects of a more personal / sentimental nature (including invitations, booklets etc). My responsibilities include good time management, communicating effectively with both colleagues and clients and producing work of a high standard.