Sport & Exercise

Here's your chance to educate, train and innovate in tomorrow's world.

Teaching excellence

Our staff ensure you develop the hands-on expertise and knowledge you need to be at the forefront of our discipline. We help you nurture your talents in state-of-the-art laboratories, and apply this in the field. Our wide range of assessments give you the diverse skills that employers desire. We also help you work towards professional accreditations. Innovating in tomorrow's world should be easy, with the exciting educational experience that we provide.

What makes us different?
We believe in 'learning by doing'. All our laboratories and equipment are there for you to use and enhance your learning experience. Our sport and exercise buildings house world-class teaching and research facilities including:

  • an environmental chamber for you to assess performance in different climates
  • a hydrotherapy pool for rehabilitating injuries, with underwater treadmills, cameras and variable water flow
  • physiology laboratories for testing physical fitness, with gas analysis and blood sampling equipment, treadmills, bike and rowing ergometers
  • purpose-built sports therapy clinics
  • a movement analysis laboratory, with 3D motion capture and force platforms
  • advanced anatomy, strength and conditioning laboratories.

On video: Aimee Willmott: BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise (Coaching Science)
Olympic swimmer Aimee Willmott is studying BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise (Coaching Science) and is also on the elite athlete scheme.
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Why not aim for a postgraduate course?
Consider using our rich educational experience as a solid basis for becoming an outstanding postgraduate student. Our undergraduate courses provide access to our wide range of postgraduate degrees - these equip you with the necessary skills to become an influential figure in your chosen field.


Your education is enriched by the passion and knowledge that your tutors have for teaching you about their cutting-edge research, and being the innovators of tomorrow.

Our research includes:

  • enhancing elite athlete performance
    We improve international athletes in many sports including World Cup Football referees, former and hopeful Olympians, the GB bouldering team, long distance runners and cyclists, Middlesbrough Football Club.
  • new technology
    We are developing new technologies for computer games manufacturers – using motion sensitive devices to enhance user fitness.
  • social issues
    We investigate people's perceptions of the Paralympics, and the behaviour of sports fans. For example, what motivates football hooligans? And why do sports fans spend so much cash with their favourite sports teams?

Our sport & exercise research

Business consultancy and enterprise

We can provide you with various opportunities to gain work experience in our consultancy services, to provide you with invaluable skills for building your CV and applying for jobs

  • Our sports science service provides expert fitness testing consultancy to athletes –from recreational to elite – to enhance performance. Compare yourself to the greatest athletes in your sport
  • Our sports therapy injury clinics are run by our staff and employ our graduates. Gain hands-on knowledge and experience from shadowing lecturers and working in a real-life business practice, providing sports injury prevention and rehabilitation to the public.
  • We are often contacted by large organisations to provide guidance and innovation on future products and how best to tailor these to users' needs.

How do we benefit the wider world?

Our teaching, research and consultancy work ultimately benefits the health, fitness and wellbeing of the people we work with – locally, nationally and internationally. We want you to be part of this team.