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Manufacturing and Materials - sector competition information event

26 April 2017
Public event:
12.00PM - 2.00PM
Booking required:
TG.03, The Curve
Contact information

Name: Jennifer Hudson
T: 4407

As a partner of Innovate UK, the University has the opportunity to apply for significant amounts of funding towards innovation projects through a schedule of sector competitions.

The competitions are strongly linked with our own Research Challenges and offer an opportunity for us to engage with more innovative businesses that require research input to achieve their commercial goals and could provide us with impact case studies.

For us to take part, it is essential we map the academic expertise we can offer to each competition theme, and to help with this, we are running a series of short lunchtime sessions.

Innovate UK’s priority areas for Manufacturing & Materials are as follows:
• Using digital technologies in new ways to increase productivity, systems flexibility and resource efficiency
• Manufacturing readiness at scale
• Supporting automotive and aerospace research
• Early stage manufacturing and materials concepts

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