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Teesside University International Business School

Grow your own business

We believe your people are your biggest asset and the driving force which helps your business grow.

Getting the right people, implementing the right systems and the right strategy are key to improving your organisations capability and creating sustainable success.

A little innovation can go a long way - increasing revenue, enhancing productivity, developing new products and services or minimising costs. We offer a range of services to help your business stay ahead of the competition. From student and graduate internships and placements to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), world leading partnership programmes that match business seeking expertise, a university, and a recently qualified graduate - known as an associate connects business to universities by matching a graduate, known as an 'Associate'. KTPs are designed as strategic, transformational projects to deliver a step change in how your business operates.

Our business consultancy services help you to be a more effective at planning and problem solving. Topics range from developing business skills and knowledge, business modelling to business marketing and disruptive innovation. Our business consultants provide advice, coaching, and skills enhancement to produce practical results and enhance your strategic thinking.

Teesside University International Business School has been recognised as a UK centre of excellence for supporting small businesses with the Small Business Charter award. The Small Business Charter (SBC) award identifies business schools that deliver expert support to small businesses, local economies and entrepreneurship education.