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International applicants FAQs

During the current Covid-19 outbreak, we understand that our international applicants will have will have lots of questions.

The University has followed guidance from local health teams and Government as we implement our return to campus plans for the new academic year. The information presented on this page is therefore subject to change and we recommend that you regularly check back for the most up to date information.

Page last updated: 28/05/2021

Arriving at the University

What must you do when you travel to the UK?

  1. You should notify the University when you have booked your travel and have a definite arrival date. You must update your details on e-vision, where you completed your online registration. If you are commencing your studies from your home country, online, please also let your School know by email:

    School of Health & Life Sciences -
    School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies -
    School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law -
    Teesside University Business School -
    MIMA School of Art & Design -
  2. You must check the UK government guidance for travelling to England.

    Red, amber and green list rules for entering England - GOV.UK

    Verify if you are travelling from a red, amber or green-listed country or territory, and then follow the instructions provided, regarding COVID-19 testing, booking quarantine in a managed quarantine hotel and completing the passenger location form.

    Only certain airports are designated for managed quarantine arrivals and it is your responsibility to make sure you are travelling to one of these. Your carrier will deny you boarding if you are travelling to a port which cannot receive passengers from 'red list' countries.

    Before you board your plane to the UK, your passenger locator form will be checked by your carrier. This must include your quarantine package invoice number. If it does not and you can show no other evidence of having booked a package, your carrier will deny you boarding.

    If something prevents you from booking in advance of arrival, you will be able to do so at the airport through the online portal or by phone. However, you may face penalties and sanctions if you do not book a quarantine package in advance or attempt to conceal that you have been in a travel ban country.

    If you have any doubts at all about what you must do before travelling to the UK to commence your studies, then please contact the University. The consequences of making a mistake could be serious.
  3. You should contact our meet and greet service to get help with arriving at the University.

Do I need a Coronavirus test to travel to England?

You must follow the Coronavirus test and quarantine advice appropriate for your journey to England.

Please check the UK government website frequently to ensure you have the latest information on what you need to do and then put your plans in place before you travel. Failure to demonstrate that you have followed the guidance correctly and put appropriate plans in place may result in you being unable to board your mode of transport or being denied entry to England at the border.


Do I need to take a coronavirus test to come onto campus if I have already completed quarantine and provided a negative test result in order to travel to England?

Yes - once you commence studies on campus, you should be tested for coronavirus twice a week. We all have a part to play in keeping our University community safe. There is a Lateral Flow testing facility on campus, and you can book a test free of charge.

What is the free Meet and Greet Service and how can I book?

Our meet and greet service will collect you from either Teesside International Airport or Newcastle International Airport during selected dates around the orientation and induction period. Details will be announced later.

To book the service, you will just need to complete an online form with some essential information, at least five working days before you begin your journey. The booking form will be available on our website when the details have been announced.

If you have any enquiries about our meet and greet service, please contact It can take up to five working days for a response due to high demand.

I will not arrive into Teesside International Airport or Newcastle International Airport - how do I get to Teesside University?

We can only offer Meet & Greet Services to Teesside International Airport and Newcastle International Airport at this time.

You can now fly to Teesside International Airport from Amsterdam and London Heathrow, so please check if it is possible to continue by plane to Teesside Airport.

There are good train and coach links into central Middlesbrough from around the UK.
View train schedules and tickets

If you need to advice about a journey which is not included in the Meet and Greet Service, please contact It can take up to five working days for a response due to high demand.

Will I need a bring a laptop or tablet to use during quarantine?

You should, where possible, arrive in the UK with a suitable device to undertake your course; for example, a laptop or tablet. This is particularly important should you need to quarantine on arrival and miss the first few days of your studies. If you have any queries over what you will require, please contact your school.

More information

If you have any concerns, please contact and for medical advice contact NHS 111

The University continues to heed government advice and we're regularly updating our own guidance.

View our guidance on Coronavirus