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About us

Dawn Vincent

Senior Administrator

I am proud to work for Team Teesside. Each member of staff is so committed to providing the best possible service for our students but most of all it is that sense of community which makes coming to work so much more enjoyable.

Briefly outline your role at the University

My role is to lead and manage the administration team within the School which supports the student lifecycle from enrolment through to graduation. The administration team covers the areas of Student Records & Engagement (enrolment/records & attendance), Assessments and Contract/CWD Courses funded by Health Education England (HEE). Due to the high number of Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB) associated with the school I also provide advice and support to academic staff to ensure that we effectively manage and monitor our requirements to meet the bespoke requirements of each PSRB.

What's been the biggest change to your daily routine during the coronavirus outbreak?

Only going up a flight of stairs to get to work! I am fortunate that I am working from an office desk and chair in a separate room of my house so I can literally close the door to work at the end of the day and keep that differentiation between work and home life. On the plus side my husband is also working from home and nearer to the kettle so regularly makes me a cup of tea!

What's the biggest challenge you and your team have faced since the coronavirus outbreak began?

Getting used to a new way of working and having to quickly adapt to changes in policy and procedure so that our students still receive the excellent service they are used to.

What is the single most important element of your job at the moment?

Looking after my team and keeping their spirits up. Their work ethic throughout this whole pandemic has been exceptional. They have still continued to give 100% to their job even though they are working from their dining room tables/sofas/kitchen worktops but that hasn't stopped them in continuing to do their best. They have displayed real team spirit and camaraderie in looking out for each other. They make me very proud!

How are you managing personally during the current situation?

I have some good days and some bad but don't we all? I am very lucky to live in Seaton Carew and right by the sea. I have continued to get up for my 6.00am walk as it lifts my mood and puts me in a good place to start the day.

I've also had more time to be able to sew and do other crafts which I find relaxing and helps take my mind off the current situation as I get totally absorbed in what I am creating.

I've also found doing things for others helps to keep me focussed. I shop each week for elderly members of my family and four of my neighbours. I've also been making face masks for my friends, family and the local community. Both of these things make me feel useful and give me an additional sense of purpose.

How has your team pulled together under difficult circumstances?

As I said before they have been amazing! They have stepped in and helped each other out whether that be within their own sub-team or across the wider team. They have come up with creative solutions to difficulties in working remotely and adapted so quickly to this new working environment whilst all the time maintaining a top class administrative service.

Microsoft Teams has been such a useful tool in keeping in touch with each other on a daily basis. We have a member of the team who I think must have been a DJ in a previous life as she uploads a tune from YouTube each day to make us smile. We have regular whole team catch ups (there are 37 of us!) and have had a quiz which really showed our competitive side!

What does it mean to you to be part of Team Teesside?

I am proud to work for Team Teesside. Each member of staff is so committed to providing the best possible service for our students but most of all it is that sense of community which makes coming to work so much more enjoyable.

What do you think the response to the current situation says about the resilience and commitment of the Teesside University Community?

I think it shows that we can adapt quickly and professionally to changing situations. That we are a creative group of people who can think outside of the box and come up with solutions to ensure that we continue to put Teesside University on the map.

Any advice for your fellow staff, and students?

Keep a routine, it really does help. I still set my alarm each day and get up and dressed and put my make up on as if I am going into the office. To be honest, I have to keep wearing the make-up otherwise I am very scary!

Be kind to yourself during this time. We all have good days and bad and that's fine. Reach out to those around you who you can trust and lean on them when you need to. There's no shame in admitting when you are struggling.

Each day, do something you enjoy and which makes you smile.

What are you looking forward to most once we are able to resume to some sense of normality?

So many things! Probably my top three will be meeting up with friends and family, getting to sing again with my group The Seatones and rebooking to go to China to see my son who is working in Guangzhou.