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Fantastic response from Team Teesside

A number of dedicated Teesside University staff have spoken positively about their experiences of helping out with the COVID-19 testing programme for students.


The University was part of a national testing programme, offering free lateral flow tests to students without symptoms to enable them to make informed decisions about when to travel home for the Christmas break.

The testing centre was set up in the Olympia Building and there was a phenomenal cross-university effort to put this in place.

A total of 94 staff volunteers, from a range of Schools and Departments, volunteered to help out during the testing operations and performed a range of important roles, including, managing the queuing and registration system, assisting with tests and providing information to students about the process.

A huge thank you to all staff who volunteered and helped support students, their families and friends by participating in this important work.

Without the determination and dedication of Team Teesside, the testing centre would not have been a success.

Staff feedback

You can read some of the staff feedback below.

Having experienced first-hand the quality and professionalism of the student testing site, I would like to thank everyone involved in delivering this important service to our students within a very tight timeframe. I am really proud of the significant contribution to this project from across the University Community and the high number of willing volunteers who simply wanted to help our students has proved once again the power of Team Teesside.

Juliet Amos

The Cleaning team have really stepped up to the mark since they were able to come back on to campus and their effort and commitment in keeping the University super clean in these difficult times continues to make me proud. The members of the team who volunteered for the COVID testing centre have contributed to a real Team Teesside effort and have been happy to play their part in getting students home for Christmas. It's an honour to be part of the team.

Angela Ramage

I jumped at the chance to come back onto campus for a few afternoons to assist with the student COVID-19 testing programme. Having worked from home since 18 March, and with my son out at college all day, I was feeling very much 'out of circulation' and craving some human interaction. As a mum, I know how much I would want my sons to be safely home with me for Christmas and I was happy to provide this support to our students. The testing facility felt very safe, the cleaners were an absolute credit to the University and we were well looked after by Philip, Linder and Di.

Wendy Bland

It was great to be back on campus and to be actively supporting students in this way as part of Team Teesside. The testing was well organised and although I was a bit nervous at being back on campus after so long working remotely, the team made me feel welcome. I was fully briefed on what to expect and what was expected of me in the role allocated to me and I was soon feeling like I'd never spent nine months off campus.

Jackie Oliver

I've enjoyed it. If an opportunity arises like this again I'd be happy to help.

Tom Bell

Everyone working within the testing site made me feel safe and welcome.

Jill Quinn

It was a pleasure to get involved as I wanted to see the students get home safely.

Janice Dodsworth

COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation and it was important to me to contribute in some way. We are all busy but sometimes it is important to remember that we are only at the University because of the students and to help out in even a small way is a means of giving something back.

Diane Howie