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Leave the alumni association

If you are a current member of the Alumni Association and wish to be removed from our database, please complete the form below. The University will action your request within 14 calendar days. This means you will be removed from the Alumni Association database and will no longer receive our communications from the Alumni Relations team or have access to any alumni services or benefits as a graduate of Teesside University. You do have the choice to re-join the Alumni Association should you wish to.

More about how we use your data

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Data Protection

The information you have provided will be added to our secure alumni database, which is password protected. The database may auto generate what information we may send to you (in the future) based on the information you have provided us with.
More about how we use your data

The information you provide will be added to a University database and may be used to provide you with additional information about courses, facilities and open days that we think may be of interest to you. If applicable the Outreach and Recruitment Activities Privacy Notice also applies.

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