Ellen Ramsay

Ellen graduated in 2017 and is now working as an occupational therapist.

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

'The placements were the best thing about my course. They provided a glimpse of what it’s like to be a qualified occupational therapist.'

Ellen  Ramsay

Why Teesside?

I chose Teesside for a number of reasons. My family lived nearby, I enjoyed the open day I attended, and the course offered lots of placement opportunities compared to some other universities I researched. I also liked that in Middlesbrough, you’re close to both the countryside and the seaside.

What was your course like?

My course was great. The lecturers were always on-hand to help and give advice and support. The classes were often practical and we worked in small groups to learn about equipment. We also took part in activities like rock climbing, pottery, painting and word games to analyse how they could be used to help individuals who have physical, learning or mental health difficulties. We also learned about infection control, hand washing, manual handling and how to safely use hoists and move individuals with physical disabilities. The practical sessions alongside theory-based lectures provided us with the skills and knowledge we needed for our placements.

Tell us about your placements

The placements were the best thing about my course. They provided a glimpse of what it’s like to be a qualified occupational therapist and enabled me to develop the skills and knowledge I’d learned at university. I had five placements, four were in traditional areas but my last one was in a non-traditional setting where an occupational therapist was not employed. This project helped me to see how to improve organisations, further understand what it means to be an occupational therapist, and the values and philosophy of the profession. Learning from qualified occupational therapists was invaluable.

What was student life like?

I lived in University accommodation which was about a five minute walk away from campus. It was perfect for what I needed. I lived in a house with five other people and I got on really well with them all – we still speak today. I was always busy as a student. I volunteered with Volun-tees, I worked part-time as a student ambassador, and I was a member of the Occupational Therapy Society. I spent most nights at the Students’ Union, in a pub, at a friend’s house, or out exploring the beach or Roseberry Topping. There’s lots to explore in the North East!

What have you done since graduating?

When I left, I moved back down south for a few months, but I moved back up north as I missed it too much. I’m now an occupational therapist, working with children. I love my job.