Patrick Berry

Patrick has set up a successful business using the skill he learned at Teesside.

BA (Hons) TV Production Professional Practice and MA Creative Writing

'The best part was having real-life professionals taking the classes.'

Patrick Berry

What drew you to study at Teesside?

I have a huge interest in film making and performing and I was intrigued by what goes on behind the camera. Teesside was a natural choice for me as my local university, and their ambition was shown by the multi-million pound investment in new buildings.

What was the course like?

The best part was having real-life professionals taking the classes. To have somebody who knows how the industry works and can offer up experience and tips was so valuable. The friends I met have been another bonus. Despite being from Teesside I knew no-one on my course and I’ve met people from across the country, many of whom I’m still in contact with

What are you doing now?

After graduation I stayed on at Teesside for an MA in Creative Writing which helped me land a job as a copywriter. I went on to managing an advertising department with The Link Brokerage. After working in online marketing for a year or so I was able to see the opportunities available in the industry. Along with a business partner I set up a company, Golden Berry Ltd which has gone from strength to strength working with clients based in the UK, USA, Germany and Spain.