Smart product development and manufacturing

Zulf Ali with 3D printer

Smart products incorporate a variety of technologies including electronics, photonics, mechanics, wireless, chemical and biological, as well as advanced manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing. Smart manufacturing allows linking every part of a business, from the most distant part of the supply chain to delivery of a product to the customer. Analytics plays an important role to ensure that the information is available at the right time and place.

We can support low risk product innovation and development through gap analysis, design and prototype development in a number of key technology sectors including process, advanced manufacturing and engineering, health and social care, pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical technology.

Support includes access to specialist electronic, photonic, and additive manufacturing expertise, alongside access to the University's own high spec 3D printing equipment and microfabrication facilities in order to design new product concepts, test their feasibility and identify the key elements of the supply chain which will facilitate introduction of the products to the market.

Intensive support is designed to support significant prototype development moving product concepts from technology readiness level 4 (small scale prototypes) towards technology readiness level 7 (system prototype demonstration in an operational environment). We have particular expertise in advanced sensor design, in order to embed digital signal processing and wireless communication capabilities in 3D printed prototypes.

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