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Digital Skills for Growth

Online Courses for Teachers

The Digital Skills for Growth project is a European Social Fund (ESF) designed to provide teachers with the essential digital skills to teach a digital curriculum.

We have worked with Durham County Council and a team of educators to develop online short accredited courses to help you gain the digital knowledge and skills you need.

Really enjoyed the course on the whole. I will continue on with my Micro:Bit also as we have some of these in school and it would be great to make better use of them.

Robert Cooper, Esh Winning Primary
Course: Let’s Get Coding, Python Style

Online Courses for Teachers

Applying for one of our short accredited courses couldn't be easier. Simply click on the course you want to complete, making sure to download our Guidance notes to help, then complete the online application, remember to click 'submit' at the end. Once completed you will receive a registration number, make sure to keep this handy in case you need it in the future.


Design and 3D Animation for Teachers*

This course will introduce you to the 3D Animation process which will include modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering.

Over a period of 10-weeks, you will discover more about the animation industry and the possible careers paths that are available for your pupils.

At the end of the course you will be able to provide lessons to your pupils using open source software and equipment you will already have in school.


Introduction to 2D Animation and Stop Motion

On this 10-week course we will show you how 2D Animation is applied in innovative ways, and in the presence of modern technology and techniques. You will develop animation methods, techniques and principles used in 2D and stop-motion animation productions.

This technology is hugely important to the entertainment industry, from box office hits to local news stations and the career opportunities available to your pupils are endless.

You will need an iPad for this course and you will also be using an iPencil, which we will send to you as part of the learning materials.

Why not take part in our 1-hour Taster Session first which you can use as an online classroom lesson and comes with a built in assessment.


Computer and Web

Let's Get's Coding, Python Style

This 10-week course is perfect for those new to coding and for educators who need to teach programming skills to their pupils.

With one, half-day session each week, we will show you how easy it is to code using Python - a great platform to help build your knowledge and skills.

During the course we will show you how to program a BBC Micro: Bit which we’ll send to your home ready to use in Lesson 7.

Teachers may also be interest in two other Taster Sessions which have ready-made content to use in your classroom:

  1. How to program a BBC Micro:Bit
  2. Let’s Get Coding, Python Style – for pupils will knowledge of coding


Art for Games and Films

What is Concept Art, who uses it and in what industry?

Concept art is a key part of the production pipeline within the creative industries. It uses practical drawing and digital painting techniques to create artwork suitable for visual media, such as games, film, advertising and animation.

Over the course of 10-weeks, we will introduce this fantastic skill to you and your pupils with lots of different techniques and applications.


Immersive and Video Technology

Making Movie Magic

Designed for beginners, you are introduced to the world of digital visual effects (VFX) - the techniques and processes used to make the magical and fantastical come to life in film and TV.

Using easy accessible software and equipment, learn how to use visual effects and discover the careers that are available in this exciting field.


All our short accredited courses are taught with a unique blend of face to face and online learning.

You can view an online taster session before completing a short course or apply for a short course straight away.

Benefits for you

  • Knowledge to teach a digital curriculum
  • 6 week lesson plan upon successful completion of your course
  • Embrace digital technologies to support virtual teaching
  • Opportunity to learn at your own pace
  • Upskill your digital skills

Benefits to your School

  • Teachers have the skills to deliver a digital curriculum
  • Support online teaching when needed
  • Help to achieve OFSTED targets
  • Enhance and develop your workforce
  • Staff are fully supported whilst learning new skills
  • Fully-funded