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Masters placements

Masters placements

Teesside University offers a wide range of two-year Masters programmes, which include a mandatory 12 - 15 week internship or project at the start of the second year. These courses are open to home and overseas students but are especially attractive to international students from around the world.

After completing a year of postgraduate study at the University, students undertake an internship or complete a project.

With two student intakes each year, internships/projects can start in either September or January.

In a global economy, hosting an international student for 12+ weeks could bring a range of benefits to your organisation including new innovative ideas, excellent technical skills and a global perspective coupled with an understanding of different cultures and languages.

By supporting the University with internships or projects, local businesses will positively contribute to promoting the Tees Valley as a great place to study and a region that welcomes skilled learners from around the world.

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