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Fully funded digital skills training to transform your role, your business and your career

Due to Covid 19 we have extended our offer to support the local business and education sectors in Tees Valley as well as Durham, ensuring everyone can benefit from the support available. With some quick thinking and quick action we have further adapted for the immediate short-term delivering online short courses from April 2020 so that you can develop your digital skills and participate in the safety of your own home. As soon as we can return to normal we will be delivering our quarterly roadshows.

Find out more about our courses below. Stay safe everyone and take this amazing opportunity to develop your skills.

Specialist technical and creative digital upskilling for everyone working in County Durham (excluding Darlington) to upskill their digital knowledge regardless if you work for a large or small organisation, work in the public sector or if you work in education, all are welcome.

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  • Industry (people working for any size of company and any sector, including Public sector)
  • Primary and Secondary School Teachers, to support the delivery of a digital curriculum

Our support to Teachers include a 6 week Lesson Plan for you to simply deliver to your pupils

We would also welcome our Teachers to take part in any taster session or courses which could be part of your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

If you are not a teacher but work in a school, you are more than welcome to take part and benefit from the support available.

Digital Roadshows

  • Register for one of our Digital Roadshows, which will be held throughout Durham until September 2021. The roadshows provide a perfect opportunity to sample what digital technology is available through one of our many Taster Sessions which you choose.
  • Complete a short accredited course where you choose how to you would like to learn.

All are welcome. Taking place on a Wednesday from 8.30am to 5pm with refreshments included.

  • 18th March 2020 at The Durham Centre, Belmont Industrial Estate, Durham, DH1 1TN - Event cancelled
  • 27th May 2020 at The Work Place, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6AH - To be confirmed
  • 30th September 2020 at Durham Leadership Centre, Spennymoor, DL16 6YP
  • 9th December 2020 at The Work Place, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6AH
  • 3rd March 2021 at at Durham Leadership Centre, Spennymoor, DL16 6YP
  • 26th May 2021 at The Durham Centre, Belmont Industrial Estate, Durham, DH1 1TN

We have arranged our Digital Roadshows to fit with an education timeframe.

Suitable for both Industry, Teachers and School Staff

  • Let's Get Coding, Python Style
  • How can Machine Learning transform your business?
  • How to see the story within your data
  • Is IOT for me?
  • CyberSecurity
  • Web Design and Development
  • Possibilities of Immersive Tech
  • Block Chain
  • Digital Marketing: Good, Bad, Ugly
  • My life with AI
  • Think like a hacker to defend your business
  • Making movie magic
  • Games Development
  • Developing personalised Business Intelligence solutions with PowerBI
  • Making Sense of your digital business

We will soon be uploading videos to help you decide which taster sessions to pick to take part in during the Digital Roadshow

Teachers only

Teachers only as these modules also come with a 6 week lesson plan to take back and teach your pupils

  • Scratch to Python*
  • D and Stop Motion Animation*
  • Art for Games and Film*
  • 3D Animation*
  • Teaching computing through music*

We will soon be uploading videos to help you decide which taster sessions to pick to take part in during the Digital Roadshow

Register for a fully funded short accredited course.

Check out the following information on all of our courses so you can easily find the right course for you with website links to register online.

We will be delivering our short courses throughout the year until September 2021. To register for one of our courses click on the register for a course at the top of our webpage.

When will courses be delivered?

Our courses will be delivered throughout the year with the next timetable starting just after Easter.

If you are interested in a particular course and no date is provided, just contact a member of the team and they will either let you know the date or add you to the waiting list.

Course delivery options:

  • Low Intensity - delivered over 10 weeks with half a day per week with taught provision
  • Medium Intensity
    delivered over 5 weeks with two half days per week of taught lessons OR
    delivered over 5 weeks with one full day of taught lesson
  • High Intensity - delivered over 5 weeks with 1 full day taught at Week 1 and Week 5. Weeks 2, 3 and 4 will be self-taught with online support.

For all our delivery options we will provide weekly drop-in sessions to help you when you need it and these will take place throughout Durham. See our website for more details.

Course details

Can machine learning transform your business?

'Machine's shaping and simplifying the way we live, work, travel and communicate and in the very close future, we can expect the automation of practically every aspect of your home'

Sinnott N, 2018, How Machine Learning is Changing the World - and your everyday life. Available at Accessed on 31st January 2020

This course will introduce you to the use of machine learning for developing new predictive models. You will learn about different machine learning algorithms and how to choose the right algorithm depending on your data. We will show you how to develop a predictive model using Azure Machine Learning Studio, an interactive and visual workspace that does not require any previous programming knowledge.

You will also learn how to pre-process your data in order to develop effective machine learning models. Any models you will develop during the workshop can be easily adapted to be run again with the data from your own business.

Delivery: Details of course delivery will be shared shortly.

Introduction to 2D and Stop Motion Animation

Animation is being applied in increasingly innovative ways, and in the presence of modern technology and techniques. It is hugely important to the entertainment industry from box office hits to local news stations. You will develop the animation methods, techniques and principles used in 2D and stop-motion animation productions.

Working to a creative brief and using suitable materials, we will show you how to create a short animation sequence using a 2D or stop-motion from a variety of techniques. As a group you will develop a stop-motion method such as three-dimensional claymation, object animation, puppet animation, model animation, substitution or replacement shapes, cut-outs, pixilation, all of which can be easily taught in schools.

Delivery: This course is delivered over 10 weeks, half a day a week.

If you are a Teacher, you will receive a 6 week lesson plan that you can teach your pupils straight away upon completion of our short course.

Making movie magic

Designed for beginners, this course gives you an introduction to the world of digital visual effects (VFX) - the techniques and processes used to make the magical and fantastical come to life in film and TV. You will be able to apply any existing graphical understanding you already have to compositing different layers of action and effects together to create a limited portfolio of VFX imagery or video.

Delivery: This module is delivered over 10 weeks, half a day per week.

If you are a Teacher, you will receive a 6 week lesson plan that you can teach your pupils straight away upon completion of our short course.

Think like a hacker to defend your business

We live in a dangerous world where a silent and invisible war wages. By the time you find out you have been attacked, it's far too late.

In this highly interactive and competitive session, you will be thrust into the immersive world of white hat hackers and black hat cyber criminals. Your separate teams will have two missions, one to uphold the law and the other to break it. By thinking like a hacker and looking through their eyes you will better understand the dangerous cyber world that we live in and be better able to start your journey into fortifying your cyber defences.

This could be the start of your journey to understand what you need to protect your business against CyberCrime, the next step is gaining the knowledge from our short accredited course to implement the changes you need to make.

Delivery: This course is delivered over 5 weeks, two half days per week.

We understand that the needs of Industry and Education (Primary and Secondary Teachers) may be different and have therefore arranged separate focus groups to make sure we provide what is needed to each sector.

Our focus groups will discuss what digital skills are needed so that we can offer these to employed people in Durham in the future.

Interested in joining a focus group, contact a member of the team at the top of the page to find out more.

We are committed to promoting Equality & Diversity within the project and will safeguard those who may face inequality or harassment.

We will actively promote and enable beneficiaries of all; ages, disabilities; genders; gender orientation, gender reassignment; race, religion or belief, marriage or civil partnership and pregnancy & maternity encouraging them to participate.

We will strive to create a positive and supportive learning environment for our beneficiaries, encouraging all to adopt to our policy of promoting diversity and providing equal opportunities that respond to changing demographics and working patterns.

Eligibility applies and you will need to be employed Durham region to benefit from the programme.

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