Degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships combine work with studying for a work-based higher education qualification. They deliver high level, highly sought-after skills while offering employees an alternative to a traditional degree course.

This government initiative enables employers to get significant funding towards the cost of an apprenticeship - to recruit new staff or develop existing employees.

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  • Benefits to employers

    • Tuition fees are paid by a combination of employer and government investment
    • Develop the expertise you need with direct input into the skills provision for your sector
    • Upskill, motivate and retain your existing employees - with no age limit
    • Keep your business up-to-date with employees who have the latest industry skills and knowledge
    • Apprentices can fill higher-level skill gaps

    Benefits to employees

    • Earn while you learn with no need for a student loan - your fees are paid by the government and your employer
    • Achieve a nationally recognised qualification and gain professional accreditation or membership
    • Develop your career and increase your earning potential
    • Make connections with people in industry to help achieve your future career goals
    • No loans, no debts and no age limit

    Why work with us?

    As one of the UK's lead providers of degree apprenticeships, approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency, we're keen to work with organisations across all sectors, giving you real input into your sector's skills provision.

    We have a track record of delivering work-related education, industry and business partnerships and learn-while-you-earn programmes. We have worked with big brands and organisations for decades including GlaxoSmithKline, the Metropolitan Police, the NHS and developed a modern apprentice partnership with the North East Chamber of Commerce.

    Degree apprenticeships

    We work closely with employers to provide educational and training solutions that meet employer requirements. We offer a range of degree apprenticeships based on available approved national standards and we are adding more to the list as new national standards become available.

    Degree apprenticeships in digital technology, management and health

    Available from September 2017

    Degree apprenticeships in science, engineering and design

    Available from September 2017

    Available from September 2018

    • Aerospace Engineer Degree Apprenticeship*
      • BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering
    • Laboratory Scientist Degree Apprenticeship* (award titles from list below)*
      • BSc (Hons) Chemistry
      • BSc (Hons) Forensic Science
    • Power Engineer Integrated Degree Apprenticeship* (award titles from list below)*
      • MEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
      • MEng (Hons) Instrumentation and Control Engineering
    • Postgraduate Engineer Degree Apprenticeship (award titles from list below)*
      • PgDip Electrical Power and Energy Systems
      • PgDip Food Processing Engineering
      • PgDip Instrumentation and Control Engineering
      • PgDip Mechanical Engineering
      • PgDip Oil and Gas Management
      • PgDip Petroleum Engineering
      • PgDip Project Management

    *subject to University approval

    Advanced entry degree apprenticeships (AdEDA) in science, engineering and design

    As an employer you can recruit apprentices directly from school or college leavers, or you can join our AdEDA employer network and select your new apprentices from Teesside University's current students who are completing their first year of studies on a relevant degree, HNC or HND.

    By joining our AdEDA scheme you can you can select apprentices with proven university-level academic ability, and you can reduce the amount your organisation pays for training new apprentices by up to 50%. Find out more

    Client testimonials

    'The degree apprenticeship has provided a great opportunity to develop key members of the Analox team who up to now have achieved success on vocational merit alone. It has enabled them to broaden their horizons, develop and solidify their business knowledge.'
    Julie Cole, human resources manager, Analox

    'A key benefit of the CMDA course is the range of working environments that students come from. This is invaluable in group discussions and team tasks as every student has a wealth of previous knowledge and experience that they can bring to the cohort.'
    Michael Impett, production manager, Analox

    Apprenticeship levy and funding

    Degree apprenticeships are funded by employers and the government in one of two ways, depending on the size of the employer company:

    - Apprenticeship levy-paying employers (those with pay bills over £3m) will pay for apprenticeship training from their online levy accounts via the government's new apprenticeship service. They will also receive a 10% government top-up to their online accounts.

    - Non-levy payers will pay only 10% of the cost of apprenticeship training, with the remaining 90% being paid by the government.

    Find out more about the apprenticeship levy and funding

    Apprenticeship Reforms and Key Information for Employers

    Watch the government's video on how the new apprenticeship service will operate

    Step-by-step guide to apprenticeship service for levy payers

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