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Godfrey Syrett

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A furniture firm is incorporating the latest methods of product design into its business practices thanks to a research partnership with Teesside University.

Godfrey Syrett designs, manufactures and distributes furniture to clients in the education, public, leisure, defence and commercial sectors.

The Newcastle-based company is taking part in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) which has seen Teesside graduate Owen Wright work at the company as an Innovation Specialist assisted by academics from the University.

KTP is a world-leading programme part funded by Innovate UK that helps businesses succeed by connecting them to the UK's rich academic resources. It is a partnership between the business seeking expertise, a university and a recently qualified graduate – known as an Associate.
Owen’s role is to look at ways in which the company can improve its processes to make it more innovative and efficient.

Owen said: 'Sometimes just a small change to the way in which a design is approached or communicated can have a big impact.'

He is also investigating the future needs of its clients and also potential new markets for Godfrey Syrett’s range of furniture to ensure that the business is prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

Michael Donachie, Godfrey Syrett

The work that Owen’s doing is already beginning to make an impact across all areas of the business. It is likely to have massive impact on the way we do business over the next five years.

'Instead of following the market, we’ll be ahead of the game and much better equipped to deal with the needs of our customers.

Peter Reid, Lead Academic Supervisor, School of Arts & Media

This KTP brings together expertise from a number of colleagues in Design and Process Innovation, Manufacturing and Trend Analysis. Our collaboration offers Owen an unprecedented level of support, enabling him to work with Godfrey Syrett to develop a bespoke New Product Development process.

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