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Advanced Entry Degree Apprenticeships (AdEDA)


KP Snacks is recruiting for a food technical professional apprentice to start in September. This role is linked to a BSc (Hons) Food Science and Technology at Teesside University.

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Information for employers

As an employer in the science, engineering or design sector you can join our AdEDA scheme and select your new apprentices from current Teesside University students completing their first year of studies on a relevant degree, HNC or HND.

Key benefits for you

  • Select apprentices with proven university-level academic ability
  • Reduce the amount your organisation pays for training new apprentices by up to 33.3%.

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If you would like further support or advice, please contact us.

Information for students

If you don't secure a job and join a science, engineering or design degree apprenticeship course after leaving school or college, you can start a degree at Teesside University full-time or part-time, financed by a student loan, and keep trying to find employment while you are on your degree course.

We can then help you:

  • By bringing you into contact with relevant employers
  • Select the right degree course to join

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