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Apprentice case studies


Chloe Donaghue Calysta


"The experience I have gained on this programme while working in a laboratory is second to none."

The degree apprenticeship appealed to me because I wanted the hands-on experience, as well as being in a work environment.

You hear of a lot of people struggling to get a job in their chosen field after university because of a lack of experience, with a degree apprenticeship you don’t have this problem – you get the best of both worlds.

There are so many benefits to studying a degree apprenticeship. The main benefit is the amount of experience I gain on a daily basis in the laboratory at Calysta. Another major benefit is that my degree is paid for by my employer, which helps massively as I can earn while I learn and am not getting myself into debt.

I also really enjoy the breadth of subjects. Although my job is microbiology based, the biological sciences degree offers more than just this subject area, allowing me to gain knowledge in other areas.

My employer has been so supportive. My line manager likes to know what I’m learning at university, often asking to see my assignments and presentations. Calysta have been great and understand how I need to balance work and university studying, especially when exam time comes around.

I consider myself to be very lucky to get this opportunity, there aren’t many 20-year-old students who will have the same experience and knowledge I have gained on the programme. I have also gained more confidence and been given more responsibility within my workplace.

If you’re thinking of doing a degree apprenticeship I would say go for it, it’s the best decision I have ever made. I love being able to go to work every day, and being hands on in the lab then going to university to gain the practical knowledge I need to further my career.