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David Robinson

David is a volume crime scene investigator at Sussex Police.

David  Robinson

BSc (Hons) Crime Scene Science

'I knew that Teesside University would be my best choice from the minute I visited the campus.'

As a volume crime scene investigator I carry out the scientific investigation of crime scenes and police-related incidents. I’m involved in recovering, securing and accurately recording items from scenes of volume crime including burglaries, theft, damage to property and vehicles, and antisocial behavior. And I provide forensic intelligence and advice to investigating officers.

In the coming years I would like to progress to a scene of crime officer and attend crime scenes beyond volume crime.

I was interested in joining the police from an early age, particularly the investigative side of the force. When the time came to apply to university I wanted to stay relatively close to home. I chose Teesside because of its crime scene science course. It was the first in the country to be accredited by the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and to receive the Skills for Justice award.

I knew that Teesside University would be my best choice from the minute I visited the campus. The University’s facilities are extremely good – forensic laboratories, crime scene house, vehicle lab and replica courtroom.

My course was tailored to the investigative process like examining a crime scene and processing evidence. The lecturing staff are all ex-police employees – crime scene investigators, scenes of crime officers, intelligence officers, analysts. Their insight and first-hand experience provided me with a good knowledge of what to expect as a crime scene investigator.

One of the modules, Employment Skills, provided us with CV and interview techniques – both came in very handy when during my interviews for the police. The lecturing staff are all ex- police staff and, knowing the style of questioning, incorporated this into practise interviews.

When I graduated from Teesside University I started applying to police forces across the country for a role as a crime scene investigator and intelligence officer. In June 2014 I was offered a position as a volume crime scene investigator with Sussex Police following a strong assessment day and interview.
Around 200 people applied for six positions. I secured the role because of the experiences and knowledge I gained at Teesside University.

The facilities, staff, campus and people all made my University experience one of the best of my life.