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Stephanie Udeogu

Stephanie came from Nigeria to study here.

Stephanie Udeogu

BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

'I think the most interesting thing is the projects that I do. My course is a really project based, which you don’t really get at other universities.'

Why did you choose to study in Teesside?

Before I came to the UK I researched chemical engineering courses in England. I chose Teesside for chemical engineering because I wanted to live right next to a hub for chemical engineering industry. All around me there are different industries and companies and I wanted the opportunity to go in to these companies. My lecturers can point out of the window and say “there are two cooling towers right there.” It’s a great experience. Teesside has one of the largest chemical industries in England so it’s a good place for my course

Outside of your studies you also work as a volunteer. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

At the moment I am a STEM Ambassador. This stands for is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I go to different schools and speak to students. A lot of students who are interested in science don’t really know what opportunities there are and with STEM we can go into the schools and do fun experiments and tell them what opportunities there are in a science career. Last year I did two speed-dating type events where you have small sessions and meet friends where you tell them about yourself which is a great way to be inspirational to people, especially young girls who are wanting a career in science.

What do you think about the university facilities?

I like that everything is very coordinated, the library is right there and my lectures are in Tower so you don’t have to get a bus or anything, I like that the campus is quite small. The library offers so many good services, if you’re stuck at maths, or having problems with essays of referencing, you can walk into the library and ask as someone if you are struggling. There are loads of books as well, online and web books too so there are so many different resources to research and I like that.

I quite often have to be in the university 24/7 so I really like that there is a building that is open to engineering students, the Stephenson building. So if you really need to work coming up to exam time there is a place that you can go that will be open. It is safe too because you have to swipe in. The public cannot gain access, and this makes me feel safe when working at night.

What do you enjoy about your course?

I enjoy different things about my course, but I think the most interesting thing is the projects that I do. My course is a really project based, which you don’t really get at other universities. We have 6-7 weeks of research to pick a topic then you have an intensive week where you work in a real company, doing real projects and working towards a deadline. It is difficult but it gives me the opportunity to go into these companies and prove I can do it.