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Ronja Bergmann

While at Teesside University, Ronja accepted the Professor Leni Oglesby prize for achievement.

Ronja Bergmann

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

'I really enjoyed the degree at Teesside as it was so multi-disciplinary.'

Ronja who is originally from Germany, now lives in Australia where she works as a forensic chemist for the forensic science service provider ChemCentre.

While at Teesside University, Ronja who achieved a first class degree, accepted the Professor Leni Oglesby prize for achievement.

Additional accolades achieved by Ronja were the Forensic Science Society’s most meritorious undergraduate student award, the Rob Cumming Memorial Prize for her final year research project and the Forensic Science Service accredited University Student Award: best undergraduate research project.

Her husband Max is also a Teesside University graduate. Ronja was living in Germany with Max before starting the degree. The couple now live in Perth, Western Australia.

She said: 'I really enjoyed the degree at Teesside as it was so multi-disciplinary, providing an in-depth understanding of the key natural sciences, while also offering a good insight into policing and quality management which are all essential components of the job as a forensic scientist. The practical classes in the laboratory, crime scene house and mock court room offered hands-on experience in realistic scenarios, allowing me to develop the practical skills required for a career in forensics. Throughout my studies I obtained great support from my lecturers who were always very approachable and engaging. Their broad industrial background provided useful inside knowledge.

'In addition, I had the opportunity to conduct a one-year placement between my first and second year when I worked in three different Australian forensic science institutions. This enabled me to gain experience in a variety of different forensic areas, including fingerprint technology, entomology, physical evidence and toxicology and allowed me to make valuable connections within the forensic science sector. These connections and experience proved very useful in obtaining my first job, which I started immediately after my last exams.'

Max, who graduated from Teesside’s MSc Management in 2010, competed with the German national team in the 2004 and 2008 Paralympics. During his time at Teesside he was involved in the University’s Elite Athlete scheme. He said: 'I was completing my master’s in Germany and Ronja wanted to study forensic science. We decided to come to Teesside University as it was the only place which offered the type of course which Ronja was looking for. One of my professors in Germany knew of Teesside and recommended it as a place where I could continue my master's while Ronja completed her degree. I really enjoyed my time at Teesside University.'