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Leanne Bartlett

Leanne aspires to work in the environmental and sustainability sector as a chemical engineer.

Leanne Bartlett

MEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

'Teesside University is a great place to help me pursue a career in chemical engineering.'

What made you choose Teesside University?

I chose Teesside University as it was a great place to help me pursue a career in chemical engineering. The University provided an ideal environment to both further my knowledge and fulfil my interest in the subject.

What are the best bits about your course?

I find the content and methods of teaching to be very thought provoking, allowing me to build on the knowledge I’ve acquired to date. There’s a practical approach to teaching and learning which gives me experience of tackling problems and finding solutions for scenarios which I’ll likely face when I’m working in industry.

Although it’s hard work I enjoy learning in this way as it challenges my thinking and allows me to develop creative solutions which is extremely rewarding. There’s a good mixture of laboratory and classroom-based work as well as tutorials to develop my future employability. I also plan to take part in a summer placement to build on my industry experience which will hopefully give me a head-start when it comes to find employment.

What’s your favourite module?

The module I have enjoyed the most is Process Operations. I already had an interest in this area so I picked up the basics very quickly and learnt some new processes such as mass transfer operations which involves basic distillation column design calculations.

Chemical Process Design is another favourite as I get to be part of a team working to design chemical operations, which is also helping to develop my project management and team-working skills.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?

When I graduate I plan on progressing onto a master’s degree. I'd like to go on to work in the environment and sustainability sector as a chemical engineer with hopes of working to create innovative solutions to the many environmental and sustainability issues the planet faces.

What’s the best thing about Teesside University?

Teesside University has provided me with plenty of opportunities to challenge myself and develop my knowledge and skills in a transferable way so I can better succeed in my chosen industry.