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Zoe Johnston

Zoe wasn't sure if she wanted to go to university, but her experience at an open day made up her mind. She's now looking forward to a career in public health.

Zoe Johnston

BSc (Hons) Food and Nutrition

'After a tour of the University and facilities, and a warm reception from current students and lecturers, my heart was set on attending this university.'

What brought you to study at Teesside University?

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go to university as I had a job and enjoyed earning money. Then my best friend asked me to go along with her to an open day at Teesside University. My experience at the open day made me want to apply here. After a tour of the University and facilities, and a warm reception from current students and lecturers, my heart was set on attending this university.

What’s your course like?

The course is amazing and made even more enjoyable by my classmates and lecturers. There is a mix of practical sessions as well as lectures. The practical workshops are interesting and useful – we do things like blood pin-pricks to measure blood glucose and cholesterol, along with skin fold to accurately measure body fat percentages. We also learned how to test the DNA of unknown meat which coincided with the horsemeat scandal. My favourite module was Public Health and Health Promotion because not only was it challenging, but we were given free rein on the project.

Have you done any work experience while studying?

I attended a work experience day at the James Cook University Hospital which was useful because it allowed me to meet dietetics and learn about their role in healthcare. This visit has led me to consider further study with the goal of becoming a dietician. I currently volunteer as a Health Champion on and off campus.

Did you stay in University accommodation?

I lived in University accommodation during my first year and made lifelong friends with a diverse group of people. The accommodation is on campus and is close to the town, so everything is handy.

What has your social life been like at university?

Social events are held each day of the week in the Students’ Union and in the pubs around campus, so there is always somewhere open with a dancefloor and affordable drinks. I also signed up to the gym and been on a day trip to Redcar, and obviously indulged in a parmo and ice cream while I was there!

Has your time at Teesside University helped you to achieve or get closer to your goals?

I'm the first person in my family to go to university, and it has been hard at times, but it’s been well worth it. I have grown and developed as a person. With the support of family and lecturers, I will soon be graduating, and hopefully starting my career. I now have my heart set on working in public health – I would really like to help tackle childhood obesity.