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Chloe Fodden

Coming to Teesside has changed Chloe's life for the better.

Chloe Fodden

BSc (Hons) Psychology

My course has given me a range of skills such as communication, team work and independence, which are desirable in the work place.

What made you decide to go to university and why did you choose Teesside?

I wanted to expand my skills, especially in communication and team work, so that I had more opportunities available when it came to deciding on a career.

I chose Teesside for a range of reasons. The excellent staff, professional accreditation by the British Psychological Service for the course I was interested in and the state-of-the-art facilities.

Why did you choose to study psychology?

I’m really interested in how people’s minds work differently, and why we as a society choose to act the way we do as a collective and as an individual. I’m also highly interested in research on human behaviour.

What did you enjoy about the course?

The course is really demanding but I like that I’m always learning something new, and I really enjoy using the research equipment and facilities. Promoting Health, Preventing Illness and Introduction to Core Areas of Psychology were my favourite modules. Learning about the core areas gave me an overview and helped me to decide that I want to possibly focus on a career in clinical and health psychology.

What did you think about the campus and the services offered?

I fell in love with the campus as soon as I saw it, it’s beautiful, and there’s always something to do or places to visit. The Students’ Union is the place to be. It serves great food and is a fantastic place to study when you’re sick of the four walls of your room.

I stayed in University halls in my first year which was great for my independence. The location couldn’t have been better, giving me 24/7 access to campus.

Student Services are fantastic. They’re really helpful, understanding and welcoming. Their advice supported me in searching for a graduate job.

What was your social life at Teesside like?

I have had a great social life. The surrounding area offers loads of opportunities to get out there. There are a great range of local shops and the clubs organise a range of student nights, which are advertised all round campus. The cost of living is affordable and a short walk into town offers you a range of low priced supermarkets. The surrounding area also offers a range of places to eat and meet with friends.
I took part in women’s hockey for a few months and got a great sense of community and team spirit. I gained many friends and was also exercising without realising.

Would you recommend Teesside?

I would recommend Teesside 100%, it’s changed my life for the better. Not only has it shaped my academic career, it has helped me to grow and change into an adult from a teenager. I would recommend my course as it offers a wide range of modules.

Do you think this course will help you achieve your ambitions?

I would be interested in working in the mental health sector with children. I plan to take time out to explore graduate jobs in research and assistant psychology. Eventually, I would like to return to complete my masters in health psychology.

I think my course will be important when looking for a graduate job in research and assistant psychology. It will help me achieve my ambitions, as it’s often a main requirement of what I would like to go into. However, even if I do end up down a different route, my course has given me a range of skills such as communication, team work and independence, which are desirable in the work place. Since coming to Teesside I have found my passion for education, and I feel that it has helped me grow into the person I am today.