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Tom Cave

Tom came to Teesside to improve his employability and learn more about chemical engineering.

Tom Cave

MEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

'The campus services are amazing. The help and support available is incredible.'

Why did you choose higher education?

I wanted to go to university to improve my employability and learn more about chemical engineering – a field that I love – before going into the world of work.

What brought you to Teesside University?

I chose Teesside because of its fantastic facilities, welcoming atmosphere and exciting degree course. Living locally, I have always known about Teesside’s excellent campus and growing reputation. Teesside University is a fantastic place to study with something for everyone.

What’s your course like?

The course I study is fantastic with wide links to industry. There’s a high chance of being employed in the future.

The tutorials are well run and there are plenty of tasks to ensure a sound understanding of each topic. I never feel unprepared for any modules assessments. My favourite modules have been Process Laboratories and Chemical Engineering in Practice. Both include practical tasks as well as the theoretical side.

What do you think about the campus and its services?

The campus services are amazing. There is always someone to speak to – the help and support available is incredible. It’s really helpful to have the library open 24 hours a day during exam time as a daily space to concentrate and complete assignments.

What are your future plans?

Once I graduate I hope to go into petrochemical engineering and, if possible, branch into renewable energy. I believe this is the future. I’m aiming to become a chartered engineer and I think that Teesside University has been the right step to help reach this career goal.