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Adele Harrison

Adele progressed from her degree to a master's in education.

Adele Harrison

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies and MA Education

'Teesside has enabled me to explore a number of routes and expand my experience.'

What brought you to study here?

I studied BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies at Teesside University. I came through clearing as I didn't know what I wanted to do when I left college. My original plan was to study at college for a further year to gain the additional experience I wanted to move onto university but, it turned out, I had the right A-level subjects to go straight to university to start the course I’d planned to study.

Tell us about your time here?

My experience at Teesside University has allowed me to fully understand the career path I want to take. It has allowed me to explore a number of routes and expand my experience. I recommend Teesside University and the early childhood studies degree course to any student. As a local student it has given me the freedom and experience of university whilst giving me the comfort of living at home. I was initially undecided about which part of education I wanted to work within and this course has allowed me to explore many avenues of education.

What are you doing now?

I felt very supported under the instruction of lecturers who have first-hand experience of the modules they are teaching. I am now studying an MA Education at Teesside University – a master’s will further enhance my career opportunities, for example enabling me to teach abroad.