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Faye Gibson

Faye's career change had led her from marketing to nursing.

Faye Gibson

BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Adult)

'Although I very much enjoyed my career, I wanted to change direction and go into a profession which would allow me to help others and make a difference.'

What brought you to study adult nursing at Teesside?

I graduated with a BA (Hons) Marketing in 1999, and since then worked in media within marketing and sales. Although I very much enjoyed my career, I wanted to change direction and go into a profession which would allow me to help others and make a difference.

I live in Middlesbrough so Teesside was my local university, and I heard very positive comments about the standard of nursing education here. The reputation of the School of Health & Social Care spoke for itself. Having no previous care experience, I decided adult nursing would provide me with a thorough grounding in general nursing, while allowing me to specialise at a later date in my career.

What is your course like?

It is quite challenging having a theory block at the start of the year, followed by placements, but it’s the best way to do it as it allows you to gain a grounding in relevant theory prior to going out into work.

The placements are also challenging but completely relevant, with each one giving a different experience. This helps to provide a broad knowledge-base by the end of the course. All placements are organised and well co-ordinated.

Most of the lecturers are from a nursing background which is so helpful – they understand the challenges of study and practice. They bring theory to life by using their own experiences.

Tell us about the campus and facilities.

The library is brilliant. Having experience of other university libraries, I can say confidently that you would not find one which is better. From the helpful and friendly staff, to the workshops, which are easy to access and relevant, to the online databases and books on the shelves – it is all geared up to help the learning process. There are always enough PCs in group or silent study areas, and the group learning hubs bring people together in an atmosphere and environment conducive to learning.

What is your social life like?

I live nearby at home with my young family so I don’t have a massive social life. But I have made some great friends on my course who I go out with, and we certainly have found plenty of local bars to let our hair down in.

Would you recommend Teesside and your course?

I would very much recommend this course at Teesside University to anyone wishing to pursue a career in nursing. It is challenging at times, but it needs to be to equip you with the knowledge and skills demanded by the profession.