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Antony Daley

Anthony's degree has led to a consultancy career.

Antony  Daley

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

'The best bit about the course was the end result - my first-class degree has changed my life.'

What brought you to study at Teesside University?

I was brought up in Teesside so when I decided to study at university, Teesside was the obvious choice. I completed a UCPD in IT at the University’s Summer School which led to my degree course.

What was your course like?

The best bit about the course was the end result - my first-class degree has changed my life.
I got on with the majority of the people on and off my course and was even groomsman to a very good friend I met at Teesside.

What was your favourite module?

Java - it was like being taught how to solve a puzzle and then make your own puzzles to solve other people’s issues. The ICT labs were very well equipped and the staff were very helpful.

What was your social life like when you were studying at Teesside University?

I was a member of the hockey team for two years, which was great fun, even though I was permanently injured throughout that time. I also socialised and spent some time in the local cafés and bars.

Did you use any of the University’s support services during your studies?

Yes, I got an emergency grant and the standard yearly bursaries which helped me to keep my house and feed myself during my time at university.
I also used the careers service. I ran my CV past them - they loved it and wanted to use it as an example for others. They pointed me in the right direction to the type of agencies who could help me find a graduate role in the IT industry.

What have you done since graduating?

I moved 250 miles south to take a graduate job in an up and coming IT consultancy. I qualified as a consultant/developer and have since moved into a salesforce consultancy for Hyphen8 as a solutions development leader.