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Louise Shaw

Louise's decision to come to Teesside University has led to her qualification to get the career she wants.

Louise Shaw

LLB (Hons) Law

Without Teesside University I would not be in the job I am today.

What brought you to study at Teesside University?

After ten years of working in minimum wage jobs I wanted to gain a qualification to get a career. I had numerous friends and family members who had studied at Teesside and recommended it without hesitation. I made an appointment with the course leader who helped me to enrol.

What was your course like?

My course was hard work and intense at times but also very enjoyable. I enjoyed the different methods of teaching, especially the practical work within Teesside Law Clinic and also the varied assessment methods. I found the Family Law module really useful, this helped me decide what I wanted to specialise in when I graduated.

What was the best thing about your course?

The best thing about my course was the support I received from the tutors. They really helped me to progress and develop my skills throughout the three years enabling me to graduate with a 2:1. I also had a close group of friends on my course which helped motivate me when I was finding things difficult.
I really enjoyed my time at Teesside Law Clinic, I got to see what working in a law firm would entail. Being part of Teesside Law Clinic meant I could attend real court proceedings which was a highlight of my final year.

Did you do any work experience?

I was awarded the Punch Robson Bursary where I gained additional experience over the summer at Teesside Law Clinic. I dealt with on-going cases which the previous year had started. It gave me a great insight into what the module would be like. In my final year I used the careers service to update my CV from the standard template to one suitable in a legal setting. I found this really helpful and a valuable service.

What was your social life like when you were studying at Teesside University?

Being an older student I didn’t go out much, but I used the Students’ Union for lunch or somewhere to chill between lectures. I grew up in Middlesbrough so I was aware of the lovely highlights of the area, such as the North-east coast. I was also part of Teesside Law Society in my last two years.

What are you doing now?

I work for Punch Robson Solicitors in the Family Law and Mental Health team as a Family Law and Mental Health Legal Clerk. Without Teesside University I would not be in the job I am today.