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Tom Doughty

Tom started work as a care assistant before embarking on a computing degree.

Tom Doughty

BSc (Hons) Cybersecurity and Networks

'I’m so grateful that I was given the chance to study here.'

Why did you study at Teesside University?

After working as a care assistant for six years, I wanted a different career. Two years into an IT apprenticeship I knew I had to work towards a degree to build a career in IT.

I’ve always known about Teesside University as I’m from Hartlepool. I chose to study here because it’s close to home and I know it’s a good university, but it was also one of the only universities to accept my IT apprenticeship. I’m so grateful that I was given the chance to study here.

What are you studying?

I applied to study computer science as it’s a reliable computing degree. But during the interview I was directed towards cybersecurity which is more relevant to my interests. My favourite thing about cybersecurity and networks is working with Linux. There are so many uses for it – server administration, security and penetration testing.

My favourite modules so far have been Network Scripting, and Data Acquisition and Security. Network Scripting introduced me to Linux where I created a server which needed to be secured and automated. Data Acquisition and Security gave me scenarios where I had to gather data, establishing ethical and unethical methods.

Tell us about the facilities

The campus is brilliant. Everything is central so there’s no need to travel across town. The Students’ Union is a great place for a pint and a game of pool, and the three other pubs on Southfield Road are good for hanging out. The University’s career support is also invaluable, especially the placement opportunities available in second year.

And your accommodation

I have stayed in King Edward’s Square for two years now and I’m incredibly happy with my residence. It’s close by so it’s easy to drop off gear or unwind before my next lecture or session. I managed to move into a house with my friends (and others living next door) and so student life has just been brilliant.