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Helen Kuy

A change in Helen's circumstances has led to an exciting opportunity to study full-time.

Helen Kuy

BA (Hons) English Studies

My time at Teesside is very productive and has given me confidence in my own work as well as being able to share my thoughts in groups.

Why did you decide to study at Teesside?

I had an operation on my foot and I ended up having to leave my job. I had been looking at doing a part-time course anyway and thought this was a good opportunity to study full time instead. I live in the local area and my daughter was already really happy on her course at the University so Teesside seemed the perfect choice.

Why did you choose to study English Studies?

I always enjoyed reading and thought English would be a good subject to help improve my confidence and education, and to push myself out of my comfort zone. The books and authors I have studied so far are not what I would normally have chosen but I have enjoyed trying new ones. I particularly enjoyed Frankenstein and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – they were not at all how I expected.

What do you think about the campus and the services?

The University campus is a very nice area to be in. The Students’ Union offers spaces to socialise and enjoy food and drink with classmates and also has areas where you can sit and work together. The library is a lovely space, there is a café, nice areas to work in groups or on your own and there are also lovely areas where you can just curl up in a chair and read.

What has your social life been like?

I have a good social life. I enjoy the nightlife around the University – there are lots of restaurants, bars and nightlife within easy reach. I’m also a member of the Archery Club, I thoroughly enjoy it, everybody is so friendly when we socialise after shooting during the week. I also met students from different courses – it’s like being part of a family.

Would you recommend Teesside?

I would recommend Teesside University as I have enjoyed my time here so far. The staff are friendly and helpful and want you to succeed in your studies. The support facilities are excellent. I have recently had a lot to do with student support as my son has just started his first year - the support team have been fabulous.

Do you think this course will help you achieve your ambitions?

I already feel more confident – I have stood up in front of 25 people in a classroom and presented a piece of my own work. 18 months ago I would not have been able to even think about doing that. I’ve also been involved in the University’s advertising campaign – again I would never have done something like that before coming to university. My time at Teesside is very productive and has given me confidence in my own work as well as being able to share my thoughts in groups. I have also met with the literary fellows who were really friendly and helpful while doing my assignments – they helped me find the right path to take.