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Jessica Morgan

From CSI: Vegas to Teesside, Jessica stars in her own real-life version.

Jessica  Morgan

BSc (Hons) Crime Scene Science

'I eventually hope to become a crime scene investigator and part of a British mass fatalities response unit.'

Why did you come to Teesside University?

I used to watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on TV when I was young – I didn’t really know what it was then but I knew I wanted to find out more. After much research, Teesside University was my first choice. The crime scene science degree was perfect – exactly what I wanted. And, at the open day, I was excited by how passionate the lecturers were about their subjects.

What’s the course like?

I loved that most of the lecturers had experience in the field. Hearing their CSI stories was completely captivating.

What were your favourite parts of the course?

The Incident Management and Specialist Recovery Techniques module, which helped us see how an investigation is driven and unfolds – from the information and intelligence we gather from the scene and by posing investigative questions to the tutors.

My dissertation focused on bloodstain pattern analysis. I wanted to see if it was possible to identify the weapon used in an attack from using just bloodstain patterns. I simulated an attack by injecting and covering a piece of pork with blood which I hit with various instruments. I found that it wasn’t possible to identify the weapon from the bloodstain patterns alone – there are just too many variables at a scene. But it was possible to get a possible indication from the blood patterns and injury types as to what weapon you might be looking for.

What’s next?

Having completed a crime scene science degree, I’m now ready to embark on an MSc Mass Fatalities Management and Victim Identification. We’ll be looking at the different ways of identifying victims, and examining past events such as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and recent earthquakes. I eventually hope to become a crime scene investigator and part of a British mass fatalities response unit.