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Family Loyalty Discount

The Family Loyalty Discount is for international students studying on campus. Where a student (the first student) is studying at Teesside University and a second (or further) family member commences study at the University whilst the first student remains enrolled as a student, the second (or further) family member is eligible to apply for a family discount of £1500 if they apply directly to us and do not use an agent.

The discount applies when:

  • eligible family members are studying for a Teesside University qualification at undergraduate or postgraduate level at the same time as the first family member
  • when the second family member has applied directly to us and no agents have been used.
  • the programme of study being followed by all family members claiming the Family Loyalty Discount is at least 120 credits.

It entitles you to £1,500 fee deduction for the second and any further family members in the first year of study only.

You must be the sibling, spouse, civil partner or child of someone who is currently studying on a full-time course at Teesside University. That relative must also be classified as an international student.

Siblings: you and your sibling can have one or both parents in common.

Children/parents: you can be related by blood or by marriage

PLEASE NOTE: Spouses/Civil Partners cannot become eligible for this discount by marrying/entering into a civil partnership with someone who is currently studying at the University.

It is necessary to apply for the Family Loyalty Discount and we recommend that you apply when applying for your course or soon after. Applications cannot be accepted more than two months after your course start date.

The Department of International Development will consider your application and will let you know whether or not it has been approved.

Where the University is required to pay Agent's commission in respect of a student enrolment any Family Loyalty Discount awarded in error will be cancelled and the student will become liable for the increase in fees due.