Supporting their choices

Why go to university?

A university education can change your son or daughter's world

Supporting their choices

Choosing a course

Deciding on the right course and university

Supporting their choices

Why choose Teesside?

We're the best new university for student experience

Supporting their choices

Applying to university

How to apply through UCAS

Supporting their choices

Countdown to university

Starting university life


My son/daughter is at college

University today is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one which is available to anyone, irrelevant of background or household income. If you didn't go to university yourself, you might feel daunted by the application process and even wonder whether university is the right choice for your child.

Work through the stages 1 to 5 (above) with your son/daughter and use the information, activities and downloadable materials to effectively support them in their journey to higher education.