Leaving school

Name: Suresh

Course: BSc (Hons) Crime Scene Science


  • You need to hire a boiler suit, a pair of cut-resistant gloves and safety glasses to use in the practical sessions.
  • All your other equipment is provided by the University.
  • You need to buy books to support the theoretical part of your course and real case notes are posted on Blackboard, our virtual learning environment.


  • You'll have a range of lectures, small group tutorials and hands-on practical sessions using a full range of crime scene facilities and our specialist lab.


  • The course is assessed both by essays and exams so you need to make sure you're prepared for exams
  • Stick notes around the house to remind yourself of key areas that you might be asked in the exam
  • Complete a revision timetable to make sure you cover each topic

Career opportunities

  • The starting salary for a police officer is £20,000 - this increases substantially over a number of years.
  • Our graduates also become crime scene investigators, intelligence analysts, detention officers or join agencies such as the Environment Agency or HM Revenue & Customs.
  • This course is the first in the country to be awarded the Forensic Science Society and Skills for Justice Forensic Skillsmark Award.

Exam tips

Download our exam tips to make sure you're prepared.

  Download our exam tips (pdf - 368kb)

Did you know?

  • A typical offer is 280 UCAS tariff points from at least 2 A levels (or equivalent), one from a science or Maths discipline
  • Applicants are normally invited for an interview before receiving am individualised offer.