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Jessica Williams

Studying the MBA helped Jessica to set up her own sales outsourcing company

Master of Business Administration

I needed a course that was tangible, relevant and applicable to the business world immediately; and the MBA definitely provided this.

Master in Business Administration

Jessica Williams explains how studying the MBA helped her set up a business

Why Teesside University?

I already had a professional working relationship with the University through my previous role working for the Entrepreneurs Forum. Teesside University were a corporate partner and I worked with them to maximise their membership and run a number of collaborative events. I enjoyed the work we did together and decided that it would be an institution I’d like to study at, which is why I chose this particular University for my MBA.

Why the MBA?

I’d known for a long time that my ultimate aim was to set-up my own business, and this is something I undertook alongside studying the course. Because of this I needed a course that was tangible, relevant and applicable to the business world immediately; and the MBA definitely provided this.

Best thing about your course?

The lecturers and the excellent support inside and outside of the classroom enabled the learning process to flow. There was also a really supportive environment with my classmates and these relationships continue to flourish today.

I also really enjoyed the variety of the modules and the interactivity of some of the sessions, plus the great facilities at the Centre for Executive and Professional Development over at the Darlington campus.

Favourite module?

I particularly enjoyed Change Management and Leadership due to the course content and the engagement of the lecturer.

I find change management and the psychology behind it a really interesting subject – it subsequently informed the basis of my thesis, which looked at the non-negotiable traits to be successful in sales. And it gave me a solid understanding of one the most fundamental yet misunderstood areas of business. In today’s economic climate change is a necessity and one that we must all learn to accept and embrace and I felt this module helped me to understand that theory and apply it in the business world.

What have you done since graduating?

Halfway through the course I launched my own sales outsourcing company which is now based at Fusion Hive – a Teesside University building. The organisation is growing and I now employ a team of four.

We’re called JustWilliams, which is a play on words from my favourite childhood TV programme Just William, my family name and in honour of my parents own business. We provide a full end-to-end outsourced sales team to SMEs across the UK.

Did your time at Teesside help you achieve your goals?

Yes – it provided me with the confidence and a clear focus to grow and develop my own business and assisted in development of essential business skills including operations and finance.

Would you recommend Teesside to others?

Yes definitely. I’ve worked with Teesside as a client, a student and as a customer and I’m really impressed at the way in which the University develops, maintains and supports these relationships.
Teesside have an ambition to engage with the local community; it’s difficult to live in the Tees Valley and not benefit from the University and its supporter environment in whatever capacity.