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Postgraduate study

Student views

Ella Sherrard

Masters of Business Administration (Online Learning)

It’s a prestigious and valued qualification aimed at developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills

Ella Sherrard

Why Teesside?

I love studying and learning, and I believe having the right degree for the work you want to do can open a lot of doors. I chose Teesside because of the distance-learning option, which was perfect for me as I work full-time, and the course itself looked relevant and interesting.

Why an MBA?

It’s a prestigious and valued qualification aimed at developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and I believe it will help me to move into a leadership role.

What do you like most about your course?

Leading Yourself and Others is a very interesting, enlightening, and relevant module. It has broadened my knowledge and perspective and will always be useful in my professional and personal life. In general, I appreciate how I can learn at my own pace, how my current module has been structured, releasing a series of lectures and activities on a weekly basis.

What do you think about the campus and the services?

As a distance learner I have not been on campus, but I use the library frequently online and have found it easy to navigate, with plenty of resources.

Future ambitions?

I work full-time as an administrator for an addiction recovery charity, and hope to work in project management or in senior leadership in the third sector.

Would you recommend Teesside and your course?

Definitely. The online learning platform has been straight-forward to get to grips with, as has the learning process. You can study flexibly which enables anyone working or with other commitments to complete a degree. The course content is interesting and thought-provoking, and promotes personal, academic and professional development.

Any advice to anyone thinking of studying here?

Ask lots of questions about the course you are interested in and consider if it will help you meet your long-term aspirations. See if you can speak to someone who has completed the course or a current student, to get an insight into what it is like.

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