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Postgraduate study

Student views

Karen Singh

MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence

I like the range of experience my lecturers have in the industry – it’s a useful insight into exploring my career path.

Karen Singh

Why Teesside?

Middlesbrough is lively so I get to experience the local culture and feel comfortable in a new environment.

Why artificial intelligence?

I wanted to expand on my actuarial science degree and explore the practical applications of automated decision making. I also love working with numbers, so I’m doing something I enjoy. The applied element develops my practical skills.

Best thing about your course?

I like the range of experience my lecturers have in the industry – it’s a useful insight into exploring my career path. It’s also valuable to learn from other students' ideas and experiences.

Favourite modules?

I really enjoyed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Applications. They explored the technical aspects of the industry, ethics and decision making.

What do you think about University services?

Student Futures were very supportive in helping me explore internships. The Library has lots of print and digital resources. The Students' Union runs some great activities and student groups.

What do you think about Middlesbrough and the region?

It has been interesting exploring Middlesbrough. There are a lot of shops so close to campus, so I don’t need to worry about long travelling times. I’m looking forward to exploring the area further.

What skills have you gained?

I’ve worked alongside people with different experiences, different careers and cultural backgrounds, and I have gained adaptability and communication skills which are important in my future career. I have also expanded my thinking to explore outside the technicality of implementing models, but also to consider the implications.

Future ambitions?

I would like to work in the financial industry, specialising in automated decision making/artificial intelligence and in a few years return to pursue a PhD and become a researcher.

Would you recommend Teesside and your course?

Definitely. I didn’t have any previous technical skills in machine learning but the course provides a strong foundation for entering the industry. The lecturers guide the students and the academic support is commendable. The student support is amazing, especially the career's service and Students' Union.